Looking for a commercial and affordable brand for your store? Then Capri Collection is right for you!

Capri Collection is a company that has existed for many years and we stand for continuity in ours customer relationships, collections and our environmental thinking. At the same time, we are constantly evolving in order to be an interesting company in an industry undergoing big changes.

We always try to do things a bit better than everyone else!


  • Orders in season usually ship the day after the order is made.
  • We have completely free sorting, regardless of which items and sizes you want.
  • Payment terms: 30 days on all orders.
  • Beneficial prices - great value for money.
  • Well-matched collection with unlimited combinations.
  • Our great catalog is an excellent marketing material that attracts purchases.
  • You can free of charge, via our website, have your own webshop where you get commissioned on your customers' purchases.


It is of the utmost importance to us that you as a customer - and in the long run your customers - are satisfied with the quality and fitting of our collections. To express it easily; If you want to do something that will last in time, you must make design and quality right in time but at the same time, timeless. The best materials are not enough. One has to think about the whole picture where the environment is an important part while being careful about the details. If you do that you also do a nice and good job!

Capri Collection designs and sells our collections (6 / year) to women with high demands on function, quality and design at a good price.


Our exclusive catalog is an excellent marketing material. Use it as inspiration for your customers. We also have an image bank where you can easily download our nice pictures and use on your own website, your facebook or other social media.

We also market and sell our collections via our own webshop, where you also have the opportunity to have your own website and webshop free of charge. Here you can welcome your customers with your own personal text, describe your business, opening hours and send your customers invitations and newsletters.

Your customer has access to our entire range through the webshop where we handle the entire product flow and you get commissioned on all purchases that go through your own website.

Welcome to contact us and we will assist you with more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!