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Capri Collection was founded in 1993 by Ulf and Anna Högfeldt as a small family company.
Today, we have many wonderful customers and employees who work with Capri Collection in four countries.

Our vision is to be an inspirational partner for small and medium-sized companies, where we together make each other stronger in all our markets where we operate.

We have both our office and warehouse in Borås. We aim to always have personal contact with our customers and the driving force lies in the challenge of designing clothes that make your everyday work smoother, easier and more comfortable.

We know that it takes big reasons for you to changing supplier of clothing. And that is also the main reason for Capri Collection to grow in tough times, with its smooth way of working. Click here to get more info about what benefits we offer when you choose to buy our items to your store.

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The team at CC

Ulf Högfeldt 
Owner/General Manager
[email protected] 
Anna Högfeldt
Owner/General Manager
[email protected] 
Maria Olsson
Design and Buying Assistant
[email protected] 
Sanna Karlsson
Design and Buying Assistant
Web and marketing manager
[email protected]
Marie Karlsson
Sales Manager 
+46 700-00 13 67 
[email protected]
Åsa Ingnell
Sales Manager
+46700-00 13 68
[email protected]
Sigrid Kilp
Sales Manager Estonia
+358 442 114 103
[email protected]
Merja Pesonen
Sales Manager Finland
+358 400 502 149
[email protected]
Michiel Hagenaar
Sales Manager Netherlands
+31 653 706 554
[email protected]
Catarina Olsson
CC Store Bollnäs
+46705-39 80 58 
[email protected]