Kenya is severely hit by climate changes and the periods of drought are getting longer and longer. The people living in Kenya are badly affected by the drought – the Kenyan president recently called the drought a national disaster. The Children's Fund has now started a project to feed 12 000 children in Kenya that Capri Collection has chosen to support. The project involves, among other things distributing plants and training 600 farmers in the farming of sweet potatoes. Increasing the farming of resistant harvest – for example sweet potatoes – is a way to improve the situation here and now, and also in the long term, for the residents of the area. As a result, many children in the younger ages can get nutritious meals containing, among other things, sweet potatoes. Part of the project also involves drilling wells and installing water pumps powered by solar energy. They also build irrigation systems.

In autumn 2023, 2 € of the price of the LAURA WRAP DRESS will go to the Children's Fund's project in Kenya. We are proud of our collaboration with the Children's Fund and hope you feel the same warmth about helping. Many thanks for your effort!


Together we help to give more people the chance for a better future <3


Warm regards from the CC Team