Every day thousands of children die due to unclean water.
1.9 billion people do not have clean water from a tap in the home. But thanks to the fantastic invention called 
Solvatten (Solar Water) we can all help to provide the whole world with clean water. Solvatten purifies the water in a natural and sustainable way, without electricity and chemical additives. All that is needed is sunlight. A Solvatten is estimated to provide a family with clean, warm water for 7-10 years and can therefor be of great importance, especially for children under 5 years of age, who suffers a big risk of dying from diseases due to uncleaned water. Together, we can help reduce deaths

by providing the world with clean water.

During the autumn of 2022, 2 € of the price of Saint Tee Dress will go tothe Children’s Foundation’s project Solvatten. We are proud of our collaboration with the Children’s Foundation’s and hope that you feel the same warmth about helping.

Many thanks for your efforts! <3