All children have the right to feel safe!
Schools around the world are being closed due to the corona crisis and we know that many children never return to school when they eventually reopen. One of the reasons for this is that children are instead forced to work when families lose their income as a result of the pandemic. We are also seeing an increase in the number of girls being married off when families’ finances and living situation

In the spring of 2021, € 2 of the price of Serenity Tee will go to 
the Children’s Foundation’s project which ensures that children’s right to feel safe. The Children’s Foundtion works to spread information and increase knowledge about the risks that child labor and child marriage entail. They also work to give parents better opportunities to support their families. In this way, more children will return to school when they reopen. These are some of the many examples of how the Children’s Foundtion ensures that children are safe and secure - even during a crisis.

We are proud of our cooperation with the Children’s Foundation and hope you feel the same warmth in helping. Big thanks for your efforts!

Together we help give more people the chance for a better future!