Stop the abuse of girls in Ethiopia!
Abuse, violence, premature marriage and genital mutilation are a future that many girls in Ethiopia go to meet. According to a survey, more than 80% of all girls in the country are subject to genital mutilation, which is often followed by premature marriage where girls are deprived their childhoods and in many cases the right to their bodys.

During the fall of 2020, SEK 20 of the price of Noir Tee goes to the Children’s Foundation’s project, which works to stop both abuse, premature marriage and genital mutilation in Ethiopia.
The money raised goes to the project which helps to start girl clubs where girls can talk about their experiences and lift harmful traditions such as premature marriage, violence, genital mutilation and other abuses. The Children’s Foundation’s is also working on highlighting the issue of girls’ rights at a higher level by talking about the violence and abuse that girls are subjected to. It is together with the most influentialpeople in the community, such as religious leaders and the elderly, that a change can be made. Another important part of the project is to facilitate so that vulnerable children receive better help in legal cases as well as strengthen the school system to prevent harassment and abuse within the school.

We are proud of our cooperation with the Children’s Foundation and hope you feel the same warmth in helping. Big thanks for your efforts!

Together we help give more people the chance for a better future!