Stop child labor in Ethiopia
Dugda is located in the middle of Ethiopia, in the countryside about 3 hours drive from the capital Addis Ababa. Here, child labor is common and it is calculated that a total of over 15 million children in Ethiopia are working. In agriculture, industry, on the street and in the home. The pandemic has in all probability worsen the situation when unemployment, poverty and vulnerability increased.

In the spring of 2022, € 2 of the price of Icon Tee will go to the Childrens Fund’sproject which aim to stop child labor in Ethiopia. The Children’s Fund incollaboration with Capri Collection helps to reduce child labor both in the short and long term, and contributes to a safer life in general for children in Dugda.

We are proud of our cooperation with the Children’s Foundation and hope you feel the same warmth in helping. Big thanks for your efforts!

Together we help give more people the chance for a better future! <3