Support equal rights for girls in India!
Every year, thousands of women and girls in India are driven to suicide after being subjected to torture and harassment linked to unpaid dowry. Girls are prevented from educating themselves and in many cases the well-being and education of the sons are chosen over that of the daughters. The girls’ health problems are ignored and they are often given less food and care. They are also exposed to child labor, trafficking and child marriage while society denies them their right to freedom of movement and
the right to be financially independent.

During the autumn of 2021, 2 € of each sold Delight Tee will go to the Children’s Fund’s project which works to increase girls’ rights and opportunities in India.
The Children’s Fund’s work contributes to educating society and thus changing
a habitual way of thinking. The Fund helps to establish girls ’clubs that increase knowledge about gender equality and inform about girls’ rights.
The Children’s Fund also works to strengthen the economy of farmers,
which in turn reduces the risk of child labor.

We are proud of our cooperation with the Children’s Foundation and hope you feel the same warmth in helping. Big thanks for your efforts!

Together we help give more people the chance for a better future!